Six sexy ideas to surprise your boyfriend and drive him crazy in bed

Six sexy ideas to surprise your boyfriend and drive him crazy in bed

Six sexy ideas to surprise your boyfriend and drive him crazy in bed.

It whets his desire with a touch of irony. The magic ingredient for making sparks between the sheets is the game


Tired of the usual routine? Surprise yourself and yours with irony.

Gadgets, beauty strategies and the right lingerie help you rediscover your sexy side and tease the complicity of a couple.

To make any evening spicy, it takes the right spirit and the ability to let go of having sex as a game.

Here are the ideas for having fun in bed and driving it crazy with pleasure.


Do you want to do a little madness? Experiment with pubic dyes: they are safe, fun and … they will be a little secret just yours.

Choose the shade you like and go for the colour! Electric blue, pink, fluorescent orange, green. Taking the pleasure of playing will allow you to discover new intimacy with your body and enjoy the pleasure of daring.


 Massage oil is the perfect companion to pamper your body after a tiring day: choose it naturally, prepared with quality raw materials.

The secret? Add to the preparation a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil, considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Its intense scent will wake up your senses helping them both to let go.


If he always sees you with the usual culotte it’s time to change.

Let yourself be attracted by silk, satin and Swarovski ribbons. An extravagant bra or a leotard able to emphasise your shapes will make you feel sexy and in a good mood, even in the office under the severe suit.

New complete underwear? Yes, but … to eat! Focus on edible underwear, like bra and panties made with lots of colourful candies, to reveal yourself to you and let you taste it little by little.

    BOILING PRELIMINARIES  Intimate lubricants help intimacy and have intriguing tastes: strawberry, cherry, coconut, and tropical flavors to explore together, without haste. Pleasure will become an extremely intense experience, able to gratify both.


 How much does hair removal cure? Give space to imagination and … have fun! A star or a small heart will be an ironic and winning declaration of love.The fatal woman look is forbidden. When we allow ourselves to experience sex by laughing with our partner, complicity increases.

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