Single & Fabulous! Why Being Single is Actually the Best!

Society dictates that we need to find a partner, have a bunch of kids, and live happily ever after. But is this truly the key to happiness? For some, sure! But just like anything else, there are pros and cons to everything.

So while some may believe that being single is solely a negative thing, we’re here to blow this outdated theory up! Because really, there are so many reasons why being single is actually the best!

10 Reasons Why It’s Fabulous to Be Single

1. Adventures!

Take that job across the pond, go on a weekend getaway with some friends, enjoy all of life’s adventures without having to worry about anyone else. 

You see, big life changes—like being transferred for work or yearning to go on a trip through Europe, requires a lot of planning and communication when you’re in a relationship. And then, if your partner cannot or does not want to join you, there’s the dreaded decision of whether you’re going to turn down the opportunity of a lifetime, do long distance, or break up. Not fun at all!

Moral of the story? Singletons should embrace adventure!

2. Sexual Exploration

By sexual exploration, we mean masturbation! Being in-tune with your body is so important, especially when it comes to your sexual satisfaction. 

By exploring and trying new things alone, you’ll be able to be more mindful with your partners, guiding them to your most pleasurable spots.

It’s also quite fabulous to be able to masturbate anytime you want when you’re single! So go out and buy all the sex toys you can, and have a little solo sexy time!

3. Better Social Life

A study actually concluded that singletons are more social, have more friends, and have stronger relationships with their family members and those in their community.

So often, individuals tend to neglect their friends and family when they get into a relationship, causing many ties to break. Single folx however, get to have all the fun! They can party when they want, hang out with girl/guy friends without a partner getting jealous, and they can come and go as they please.

4. Absolute Freedom

When you’re single, you can decorate your home however you like, go to bed and wake up when you feel like it, eat whatever and whenever, leave a pile of dishes in the sink overnight, and well, simply put: have absolute freedom!

You won’t need to worry about dirty socks on the floor or old tea bags on the kitchen counter, and you won’t need to do things a certain way because it suits the one you’re with. Freedom!

5. Blissful Sleep

An entire bed, blankets, and pillows all to yourself…bliss! And while cuddling is pretty amazing, having your own space to sleep sprawled out in is arguably even better.

No more fighting for the covers or dealing with a partner’s incessant snoring! Only peace and good spirits, leading to happier and more productive days to follow! Win-win!

6. Self-Growth

They say it’s important to love yourself first before you can love another. And while this may or may not be true, being single actually does give you the chance to grow. 

When you’re single, you have to do everything for yourself. You have to be strong, confident, and willing to make choices that are in your best interest, which literally means putting yourself first in most situations… and you deserve that!

7. Hobbies, Goals, Projects

Have you always wanted to take on a new hobby or project, be it big or small? Like, maybe you want to join a book club? Or perhaps you’ve been dreaming about using your savings to go on a surfing trip to some exotic land! Now is your chance!

When you’re single you can be “selfish” with your time and energy, and engage in all kinds of new and exciting hobbies or projects. It’s also the best time to set yourself some goals that are achievable! And remember to celebrate every small victory!

8. First Date Butterflies

You either love them or you hate them, but when you’re about to go on a first date with someone you fancy, those darn butterflies always manage to rear their ugly heads! 

But if you think about it, feeling all giddy and full of butterflies is actually exciting. Being nervous and vulnerable is a really important trait of being human, and in the end, it makes us all stronger and more resilient. Plus, flirting with strangers is fun too!

9. Everyday is Your Day

Did you wake up with a smile on your face today? Do you feel like going on a pleasant walk through the park, celebrating the amazing weather? Yes! It is your day! Every day is your day!

Even if you woke up feeling sad or anxious or depressed, you still have the power to do what’s best for you in that moment. Stay in bed, order takeaway, mess crumbs in your bed! Every day is literally your day.

10. No Compromising

A huge war between couples: what to watch on Netflix! Well, when you’re single, you don’t have to deal with that kind of tomfoolery. You don’t need to sit through hours of a tv show that you actually hate, nor do you have to watch movies that put you to sleep, all in an attempt to compromise with your partner.

When you’re single, the sea of endless video streaming options are for you, and only you! You can binge-watch Sex and the City for the umpteenth time, or start Game of Thrones from season one again! Isn’t that exciting?

At the end of the day, we still love the idea of finding your person. But until that time comes, we are big advocates of having all the fun by yourself! The possibilities are endless when you’re single! 

Make the most of your alone time, and you’ll be an even better friend, partner, and person for it!

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Helena is a sex-positive freelance copywriter in her early 30’s from Cape Town, South Africa. She’s travelled and lived in various countries in Asia and Europe for almost a decade and continues to live her dream — travelling the world independently as a copywriter. Having written for various companies and magazines within the industry, she has extensive knowledge in the field of sexual health, the escort industry, and sex toy marketing.