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Why Do We Have Sex with Our Exes?

FYI: It’s a lot more common than you think!  Have you ever found yourself pining over your ex? Maybe you’re still getting over your break up, or perhaps you’re even repulsed by them, yet still you’re drawn to them in a strange way? Logically, that doesn’t really make sense, does it? But actually, there are [...]

10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a New Relationship

Being in a relationship is great, magical, firework-inducing, and life-changing. It can also be extremely difficult, challenging, and an opportunity to learn how to grow and compromise.  And so often, people jump into relationships before they’re mentally or spiritually ready. Others swing from one relationship to the next as a means to curb their loneliness [...]

Practice Sexual Self-Awareness & Be Rewarded with Greater Sex

Sexual experiences are not created equally. One can have passionate sex, angry sex, break-up sex, loving sex, or a zillion other kinds of sex.  And regardless of which kind you’re currently having, or wish to have in the future, there are certain things you can do to gain sexual self-awareness.  This, in turn, will help [...]

Does Married Sex Equal Boring Sex?

Whether you’re currently married, engaged, in a relationship, or single as heck, you are surely aware of that glorious phase called “the honeymoon”. This is when two partners have stars in their eyes, lusting over their significant other every single day.  And this period is not just about feeling those floating butterflies in one’s stomach [...]

Top 8 Most Useful Sex Cam Toys

TOP 8 Most Useful Sex Cam Toys While most of the sex cam toys and tools on this list are specifically catered to the profession, it doesn’t mean that Realistic & Unrealistic Dildos, Male Masturbators, Butt Plugs, Wands, G-spot, Prostate toys, and Large sex toys don’t have a place in a cammer’s toolbox. We’d even encourage you to browse all of our best toys lists so […]

Top 10 Sex Toys to Treat Yourself With This Valentine’s Day

TOP 10 SEX TOYS TO TREAT YOURSELF WITH THIS VALENTINE’S DAY While Valentine’s Day rears its overbearingly materialised face at those who are single during the month of February, it’s important to remember that self-care has many aspects and that one of them is sexual pleasure. While you may be partner-less this February 14th, there’s […]

Six sexy ideas to surprise your boyfriend and drive him crazy in bed

Six sexy ideas to surprise your boyfriend and drive him crazy in bed Six sexy ideas to surprise your boyfriend and drive him crazy in bed. It whets his desire with a touch of irony. The magic ingredient for making sparks between the sheets is the game   Tired of the usual routine? Surprise yourself […]

Are you really protected?

Are you really protected? Can we really explore and enjoy all our sexuality by avoiding sexually transmitted diseases? We all know the basic answer, but in the heat of the moment most of us have – at some point – omitted the use of protection at least once. Talking about safe sex always seems like […]

Let’s talk about sex

Let’s talk about sex A lot of people struggle when it comes to talking with a partner about sex. It’s a topic that makes many of us feel really anxious. But communicating about sex is as important as communicating about any other part of your relationship. Some people find it embarrassing and aren’t sure of […]

The sexual secrets we don’t tell our partners about.

The sexual secrets we don’t tell our partners about. Sexual secrets can be defined as anything sexually related which is kept hidden. These are not the kind of secrets which are shared between partners within a couple of relationships, but secrets which may be kept from the partners and from the outside world. Masturbation Masturbation […]